About Sermi

Welcome to SERMI – the Association created to further develop, own, operate and maintain a scheme and process initially proposed by the EU Forum on Access to Vehicle RMI (Repair and Maintenance Information) to approve and authorise independent operators (IO’s) working in the European automotive aftermarket industry sector, to enable them to access security-related RMI.

SERMI has been created as part of the requirements of the Euro 5/6 Regulations (EC) N° 715/2007 and (EC) N° 692/2008 and the EURO VI Regulations (EC) 595/2009 and (EU) 64/2012, which grant standardised access to technical information whilst establishing specific provisions for access to vehicle security features. Subsequently the ‘EU Forum on Access to Vehicle RMI’ was established and issued in October 2009 a report describing the complete process and architecture on access to security related RMI, including an accreditation scheme for Independent Operators.

SERMI has been established as de-facto association under Belgian law. It is organised as a joint responsibility between Vehicle Manufacturers and Independent Operators as stakeholders who are primarily involved in the process to obtain or provide access to security-related RMI, parts and functions. 

SERMI acts as scheme owner to the European co-operation for Accreditation (EA).